Four Seasons Shield of Protection

Emergency Repair

Our 24 hour emergency new-leak repair service is at your disposal from the minute you schedule your new roof.

Damage Protection

We will repair any damage to the inside or outside of your home at no cost, in the case of any faulty workmanship.


Four Seasons will visit your home on 1 separate occasion during the first 18 months after your new roof installation. We will inspect and evaluate the condition of your new roof. We will also clean all loose debris from the roof surface and gutters to ensure all components of your new roof system are performing properly.

Service Calls

You have the option to make service calls at no cost during the labor warranty period. If a storm blows, a tree falls, or a pesky rodent nests in your roof. We even supply you with inspection reports and photos to help you file any necessary claims with your insurance company or the material manufacturer.

What it is?

Our Shield of Protection is a cornerstone of our high-touch roofing service that warrants our workmanship for your project. With  it, you know that our team is committed to quickly resolving any issues that may arise.

If you’re already contracted with us but your roof springs a leak before we start your roof replacement project, we will stop the leak with a repair or tarp over the leak area at no additional cost.

The Shield of Protection means that we’ll return after a year to air-blow your new roof, inspect the roof condition and recommend a roof cleaning schedule for you.

I If a leak were to happen under the Shield of Protection period due to faulty workmanship, we will fix the leak AND any subsequent damage.

If your roofing material has a failure, or if a storm blows through, a tree falls, or a pesky rodent builds a next in your roof, we will inspect the issue and assess the damage for any needed repairs at no charge.  We’ll even supply you with the inspection report and photos to help you file any necessary claims with your insurance company or the material manufacturer.

Note, all material manufacturers have their own warranty options available. As a certified contractor with the material manufacturers that we work with, Four Seasons can provide their best available warranties and will register these warranties for you, ensuring that you and your new roof are protected.