Protect your roof, so it can protect you!

Roof damage like this might be avoidable. Here’s what you should never do to your roof!
Roof damage could be avoidable. Here’s what you can lookout for to protect your roof!

As a homeowner, protecting your roof is an essential part of protecting your investment. Here are a few things to lookout for to insure the integrity and protection of your roof!

1. Pressure Washer

Seeing moss on your roof, your first thought might be to climb up the roof with a pressure washer to spray off the moss. This however,   could do a lot more damage than leaving the moss and mold where it is. Roof maintenance via pressure washing should only be done by a professional with a special low-power pressure washer calibrated specifically to be effective at cleaning your roof without causing damage. Check your roof material’s manufacturer recommended cleaning method or contact Four Seasons Roofing for guidance on roof power washing.

2. Trees

In our beautiful Evergreen State – we are graced with just that, lots of trees. It is especially important to be cautious about bushes and trees to close to your home. Not only does vegetation fill your gutters with leaves and debris, but there is also the problem of falling branches causing damage to your roof and gutters.Take care to maintain the foliage around your house, and your roof will thank you for it!

3. Storm Season

Gutters and drains move storm water away from your roof and prevent it from seeping into your roof causing damage. Cutting back vegetation is a good start, however you also need to ensure the gutters and drains are free and clear of debris to allow stormwater to drain away from your home quickly and efficiently.

4. Satellite Dishes and Solar Panels

These types of installations should always be left to the professionals. In some cases a licensed technician needs to do the installation, and by doing it yourself you could void the product warranty, damage your roof, and possibly void your home insurance. Make sure you check with your roofing company to ensure that you are keeping the integrity of your warranty before installing anything onto your roof.

If you have storm damage to your roof, or are unsure of the maintenance needed, call us today at Four Seasons Roofing for a regular roof inspection. We’re here whenever you need us!