Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Nu-Ray Metals

Product Warranty: 40-year non-prorated finish warranty. 26- and 24-gauge lifetime standing seam clip fastener metal panel roofing systems.

Clip system for expansion and contraction: The clip system allows thermal movement as panels expand and contract with temperature changes. Metal roofing material typically lasts four times longer than asphalt material, and owners recoup up to 95% of the cost upon resale. Metal roofs can provide significant energy savings and hazard insurance savings up to 35%. A metal roof can last over 50 years with very little maintenance.

Residential metal roofing, siding and trim panels from Nu-Ray Metals are made with a minimum 30% recycled steel, and nearly 100% of the panel material can be recycled again. A wide variety of colors are available.

1000 series

Concealed attachment clip fastener panel to allow for contraction and expansion.

2000 series

Concealed attachment clip fastener mechanically seamed panel for low slope applications.