Comparing Roofing Estimates

“Before your roof replacement, compare estimates to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.”
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If you live in a house for a long time, you’re likely to need roof repair or replacement at some point. When this happens, wise, frugal homeowners are likely to get roofing bids from numerous businesses unless they have a past experience with a roofing company and were satisfied with the outcomes.

When a homeowner receives several new roof estimates, it’s time to compare them and pick the best one. However, if you choose solely on the basis of pricing, you may not be taking all of the criteria into consideration. For instance, you’ll want to know what materials the roofers will use and how they’ll approach the project.

Here’s a guide to assessing and comparing roof repair and roof replacement costs.

A Roofing System’s Five Components

It’s necessary to understand that a roof system has five distinct components in order to fully understand roof estimates. They are:

  1. The deck, which is made of plywood.
  2. The shingle underlayment is attached to the ice and water shield.
  3. Step flashing, chimney flashing, and pipe and other penetration flashings are the three types of flashings used.
  4. Ventilation
  5. Shingles

A homeowner can understand what the roof estimate says about materials if they know the five components.


The materials that will be utilized for each component of the roofing system should be specified in a roof estimate you can trust. The type and the brand should be listed, as well as the products and quantities that will be utilized.  This is required to ensure that everyone is using the same specifications and that you are not charged for material quantities that were not required.

The Warranties

The warranty of the materials manufacturer and the installer’s warranty should be included. Be aware that the warranties on materials can be voided due to improper installation.


Make sure a roofing contractor is certified to work with the materials it’s proposing to install to avoid improper installation. The company should be able to provide the necessary credentials, which are earned and renewed when workers attend annual training sessions.

Who Will Really Be Working on the Roof?

You want certified, trained, and licensed roofers who are genuinely employed by the roofing company. This makes it more likely that the work will be completed correctly.


Another reason to use experienced, trained, and licensed installers is insurance. Before you sign a contract with a roofing firm, double-check that the necessary insurance is in place.

Will Your Property Be Looked After?

Accidents to property and people might occur throughout the process of a roof repair job. Roofing contractors may also “complete” their work but leave dirt or debris behind. The roof estimate should include how the roofing crew will safeguard your home and clean up after the roof repair or replacement is completed.


Any of the following are red flags warning you to avoid hiring the roofing business that offered that particular roof quote.

  • Vague roof estimates. 
  • Verbal roof estimates. 
  • Handwritten roof estimates.
  • Roof estimates without inspections.
  • Roof estimates with rock bottom prices.


Four Seasons Roofing takes pride in the fact that our roof estimates, as well as our work, meet the highest standards. If you’re gathering roofing quotes, or have questions concerning roofing, please give us a call.