Power Vents Can Solve Attic Overheating

Don’t let an overheated attic ruin your home’s energy efficiency. Power vents are a great solution.
Don’t let an overheated attic ruin your home’s energy efficiency. Power vents are a great solution.

Because of the changing weather conditions in Seattle, attic ventilation poses some unique challenges. Installing a roof-mounted power ventilator is one approach to ensure that your attic ventilation works effectively in all weather. These ventilators will draw in cooler air from the soffit vents and expel hot air from the attic, and they can be set to function automatically.

What You Should Know About Power Attic Vents

For roofs without a ridge vent system, the power ventilator is a perfect solution. They’re also useful on roofs when box louver vents aren’t possible due to the design. Our Four Seasons Roofing professionals in the greater Seattle region can inspect your roof and recommend the finest method of ventilation for your needs. It’s possible that your home’s ventilation system isn’t up to par, resulting in increased cooling costs. The attic should be kept cool and well aired to extend the life of the shingles and safeguard the roof structure.

Our expert roofing experts will advise you on the appropriate power vent for your needs and house. Power vents are equipped with humidity and temperature control settings, allowing them to function automatically without the need for manual activation. Most power vents come with an adjustable thermostat and humidistat, allowing them to operate only when they are needed, saving energy.

Features and Benefits of Power Vents

Other advantages and characteristics of installing a power vent include:

  • They are constructed of durable steel to withstand winds and hail.
  • A steel mesh incorporated inside the vent keeps birds, squirrels, and other vermin at bay. This assures that no troublesome critters infiltrate your attic.
  • Heat accumulation in the attic will be decreased, making the living spaces more pleasant.
  • The air conditioning system will not have to work as hard, resulting in less wear and tear.
  • When the internal and exterior temperatures are equalized, weather-induced housing damage is avoided.
  • The modest profile of the power vents makes them unnoticeable on the roofline.
  • Vibration is eliminated by using a balanced fan blade.

Power vents are chosen based on the size of your attic and the quantity of available net free intake airflow. Our roofing crew can assess which power vent is best for your needs and properly install it on your property.  Contact Four Seasons Roofing today for a no-obligation roof ventilation estimate!