Do I Really Need to Remove Moss?

Moss is damaging for your roof. Have it removed by professionals as soon as possible.
Moss is damaging for your roof. Have it removed by professionals as soon as possible.

This is a question that we, at Four Seasons Roofing, have been asked many times. As soon as you discover that moss is growing on your roof or even around your home, it is crucial to have this potentially damaging problem taken care of as soon as possible.

Moss is not a fungus, it is actually a plant which commonly grows on sidewalks, along trees, on the ground and even on roofs. It reproduces quickly by dispersing tiny spores in the wind, and it’s something you don’t want around your home.

Lifting shingles from moss growth can have a negative impact on the lifespan of your roof by breaking the seals and allowing water to get in underneath the shingles.

Don’t Ignore Your Moss Problem!

You may think that moss on your roof is not much more than a nuisance, but there is nothing that has the potential to damage and corrode your roof as quickly as moss and lichen that has been left to flourish unchecked. Moss is resilient and without treatment it will not go away. Besides, there are many insurance companies who will refuse to renew your residential or commercial insurance policy if you have a large amount of moss on your roof.

Effects of Moss

Moss is harmless by itself because it does not produce dangerous spores or fumes and it also does not have poisons or irritants. The danger of moss is its ability to retain moisture. Normally when moisture, such as rainwater or humidity settles on a roof it air dries quickly. The problem is that if the roof is covered in moss the moisture becomes trapped and unable to evaporate properly.

Moss growing into the structure weakens roof shingles. Moss can cause the sun protection granules on an asphalt roof to fall off, and on cedar shingles the moss keeps the wood wet for a long time causing the wood to quickly rot and disintegrate.

Why Choose Us to Remove Your Moss?

We are a licensed, bonded and insured roofing company and one of the main benefits of choosing us to clean your roof is that we will provide a roofing survey to check if your roofing system has any issues that need attention. If there are any issues, we provide a quote for repair and maintenance once our cleaning process is completed.

Don’t wait to have your roof cleaned and maintained until it’s too late. Leaks and serious property damage are the result of poorly maintained roofing systems. Give us a call at Four Seasons Roofing today for a roof cleaning and we will give you a free roofing assessment to check for any potential issues.