Environmentally Friendly Roofing in the Seattle Area

Many homeowners in Seattle want their roof to be environmentally friendly. Here’s how.

Many homeowners in Seattle want their roof to be environmentally friendly. Here’s how.

Seattle has a distinctive eco-friendly culture. The city has outlawed plastic bags, and we separate our trash into compost and recycling bins. Seattle residents who care about their environmental impact are implementing these measures in their own houses. Listed below are some eco-friendly roofing options for Seattle.

Look for a Roofing Material That’s Made from Recycled Material

In landfills, asphalt shingles are accumulating faster than they can breakdown. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association, 11 tons of unwanted asphalt shingles are dumped in landfills in the United States each year. Finding a recyclable green roof material that can be recycled once it has served its purpose is essential.

This excess waste can be reduced by using roofing materials manufactured from recycled materials. At Four Seasons Roofing we have several environmentally friendly roofing options available.

Composition shingles

In addition to being economical, just like their asphalt shingle cousins, composition shingles are manufactured from recyclable materials making them environmentally friendly (unlike asphalt shingles). Composition shingles also contain moss and algae inhibitors, helping to keep your roof free of the microbial growth that comes with living in a wet climate like Seattle.

Metal roofs

After serving their purpose, metal roofs can be recycled because they are primarily constructed of recycled materials. Because they can sometimes be laid directly over pre-existing asphalt shingles, they’re a fantastic alternative for decreasing asphalt shingle waste. For the purpose of determining whether this is feasible, Four Seasons Roofing will examine the structural integrity of your current asphalt shingles and its underlayment. With the aid of this evaluation, we can determine if the old asphalt shingles should be removed or whether the metal roof can be safely installed over them.

Look for Energy Efficiency Promoting Roofing


Seattle is a metropolis that is expanding quickly and getting denser and denser every day. There are strategies to lessen your own energy consumption even though homeowners have little control over the city’s growing density. Installing a cool roof constructed of materials that reflect heat away from the structure is one solution.

Choose a lighter-colored roof to produce a cool roof because it will reflect 75% of the sun’s energy. A darker-colored roof, in contrast, only reflects 5% of the sun’s energy.

Installing a metal roof is another option to have a roof that is energy-efficient. In addition to absorbing heat from the sun, metal roofs can also reflect it. This could ultimately result in a 40% reduction in the price of air conditioning.

In Seattle, having an eco-friendly roof is easier than you may imagine. Finding a roofing material that uses recycled materials, such metal or composite shingles, is the first step. The second stage is to make sure the roofing material promotes energy efficiency, whether that means installing a metal roof that reflects sunlight or a roof that is lighter in color.

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