Why is Roofing Tear-Off Better?

For the best residential roof replacement, start with a complete tear-off.

For the best residential roof replacement, start with a complete tear-off.

If you’ve been researching roof replacement possibilities, you may have come across an installation method known as “overlay” or “reroofing,” in which a new roof is installed directly over an old one. Four Seasons Roofing looks at both “tear-off” and “overlay” and explains why the best residential roof installation method is a complete tear-off.

Tear-off vs Overlay

Before installing the new roof using the standard method, the old, damaged roofing is removed down to the decking material, the framework is inspected for faults, and repairs are performed as needed. An overlay installation, on the other hand, does not involve any of these. The old roof is simply covered with a new underlayer before the rest of the roof is installed.

You may be wondering why the overlay approach exists at all. It’s because bypassing the tear-off step means saving money on labor. It would also reduce disposal costs because most of what is normally discarded on a standard installation, would remain on the roof.

Why is Tear-Off the Better Roofing Option?

The savings afforded by overlay installation may sound appealing, but keep in mind that you will only be saving on the initial cost. Asphalt shingle roofs often last 20 to 30 years, but only if the roofing installation is done correctly. Except for very specific situations related to the state of the existing roof, overlay installation barely qualifies as correct. Whatever you save on overlay installation will almost certainly be spent on later repairs. It’s also worth noting that the warranties on these roofs aren’t as lengthy as those on standard roofs.

Because an overlay installation bypasses roof inspection and repairs, any structural faults with your roof will remain. The combined weight of the old and new roofs might also exacerbate structural issues.

Removing the old roof, on the other hand, is like giving your roof a fresh start. Before the new roof is installed, rot and rust will be treated, and old damaged decking will be replaced. This type of roofing is less prone to premature failure. In fact, because every single component is new, most roofing manufacturers will give extensive warranties.

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