Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips 2020

Fall weather is approaching here in the Puget Sound. Here are some simple fall maintenance tips to keep your roof in great shape:

Visual Inspection – From The Ground (or a Window)

Take your time to inspect your roof from the ground, or from a window, which allows a view of your roof. Things to look for include: moss, leaves, pine needles, and other debris that could have fallen on your roof from surrounding foliage. You will want to make especially sure that valleys, gutters, behind skylights, and around chimneys are clear from debris.

Remove Debris

After inspection, if you see any debris on your roof, carefully blow off the debris to clean the roof and allow water to flow properly to the gutters. Make sure your gutters are also clean and downspouts are free of clogs. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, give Four Seasons Roofing a call and we’d be happy to help you develop a maintenance program for your roof!

Apply Moss Treatment

The best time to apply moss killer is in the early fall. Make sure you are applying it to a roof that is free of other debris as mentioned above. Apply the moss treatment of your choice as directed by the manufacturer. This is something that can be added to your maintenance program if you are not comfortable getting up on your roof.

Trim Trees

Cold weather can also spell trouble for trees that overhang your roof. If you don’t trim back these branches, high winds, ice, and snow can cause branches to break. Worst case, they put a big hole in your roof, but even if that doesn’t happen, they could still do damage to your roof shingles. Hire someone to come and trim trees to avoid falling branches that can damage your home and create a safety issue.