More Myths About Metal Roofs

We think metal roofs are the best choice out there. Here are some reasons why.
We think metal roofs are the best choice out there. Here are some reasons why.

Metal is quickly gaining in popularity and has become the second most preferred roofing material, which is no surprise considering the benefits of exceptionally low maintenance as well as long-term performance features.

However, due to the many misconceptions about metal roofs that need to be overcome, we have continued from our previous article (Myths About Metal Roofs) and listed more common myths below.

Myth #5:   Metal Roofs Make Your House Hotter in The Summer.

This one is so very wrong. In truth, UV rays are reflected by metal roofs, where asphalt roofs absorb them. Metal roofs reduce the heat load on your house by releasing solar heat a lot quicker than asphalt roofs. With proper installation a metal roof will maintain a constant indoor temperature giving you up to 40% of energy savings on heating and cooling costs.

Myth #6:   They’re Deafeningly Loud When It Rains.

Because of metal roof installation from 50 years ago, metal roofs got a bad name for being noisy. While that was true then, you shouldn’t expect the same from a modern metal roof. The reason for this is that a roof deck and the insulation that fills it, are paired with the metal roof adding structure to your roof and insulating it from sound. So the truth is that metal roofs are just as quiet as any other comparable roof system, if not quieter.

Myth #7:   Metal Roofs Attract Lightning Strikes.

In fact, lightning will strike whatever it’s closest to. Lightning is an excess of electricity trying to discharge into the ground, and the quickest way to do that is to locate something closest to it. Metal does not in fact attract lightning even though it is a conductor and in actual fact a metal roof is one of the best roofs to have should your home be struck by lightning. Firstly, being a conductive material it will lessen the effect of a lightning strike by spreading it out. Furthermore, due to it not being a combustible material, the risk that a lightning strike will cause a fire damaging your house further, will be greatly reduced.

You can be certain that our professional metal roof installation crew will make sure that your metal roof has the proper grounding so in the event of a lightning strike it would simply transfer that electric energy directly into the ground.

Myth #8:   Metal Roofs Cost Too Much.

It is true that metal roofing can cost more than shingles, this is due to more expensive materials and increased labor costs, because people with more skills are needed to install it. When a shingle roof is installed it may initially be cheaper, but you need to consider the repairs, such as shingles that blow off, curling shingles, mold and rot occurring when shingles warp, as well as the unavoidable re-roofing in 20 years at the most. A metal roof, however, is guaranteed to last 40 to 60 years with little or no maintenance required. Considering the lifetime costs of both shingle and metal roofs, metal roofing is comparably cheaper.

If you think it’s time for a new roof for your home, whether it be a metal roof or shingles, we’ve got the experience, the expertise and the tools to get it done right first time. Let Four Seasons Roofing be your first choice and give us a call for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.