PVC Roofing for Commercial Buildings

PVC roofing is cost-effective, efficient, and recyclable.
PVC roofing is cost-effective, efficient, and recyclable.

A sturdy, long-lasting roof is one of the most vital ways to protect your commercial property. A PVC roofing membrane is the most trusted and time-tested roofing material for flat roofs. Commercial PVC roofs, which are known for their durability, have been installed on restaurants, retail centers, manufacturing plants, and industrial sites around the world, spanning millions of square feet.

Here is a list from Four Seasons Roofing of the benefits of PVC roofing and why it’s such a good choice for your business.

IB PVC Roof Is Durable

A PVC roofing membrane has been specially developed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. It’s ideal to use a membrane with a thickness of at least 60 mil for maximum strength and durability. A PVC roof provides the following benefits:

  • Tolerates rain, snow, wind, sun, hot and cold temperatures
  • Resilient against contamination and rooftop soiling
  • Class A Fire Resistance
  • Withstands water ponding
  • Extremely resistant to oil, grease, chemicals, and diluted acidic effluents.


Because of heat-welded technology PVC roofing is extremely strong and durable. One single piece of PVC roofing is able to cover the entire roof surface whatever the shape, by using heat-welded seams. Repair and any roof modifications are quick and easy due to PVC remaining weldable throughout their lifespan.

IB PVC Roof Is Low Maintenance

Very little maintenance is required over the course of a PVC roofs lifespan of about 30 years. A simple cleanup of dirt and debris to ensure that all drains and water channels remain unclogged is all that is required.

A PVC roof repair is fairly easy. It’s just a case of welding a patch of new membrane over a hole in the roof.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

A PVC roofing membrane can help you save money and minimize the energy consumption of your building. A PVC roof will cut your building’s heat gain, reduce energy consumption, and lower your bills by reflecting up to 90% of the heat that ordinarily enters a structure through the roof. PVC membranes are cool and Energy Start Rated because of their high reflectivity.

Help the Environment

In the flat roofing sector, a PVC roof stands out as the most environmentally friendly option among other membranes. Because asphalt shingles, EPDM rubber, and TPO membranes are virtually entirely composed of fossil fuels, they cannot be recycled.

PVC, on the other hand, is 100 percent recyclable, and old PVC roofs are recycled into the production of new membranes, eventually becoming part of the bottom ply. Furthermore, in most circumstances, a PVC roof may be installed directly over an existing roof, eliminating the need to strip it off and send it to the landfill.

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