Winterize Your Roof

Winter is coming. Get prepared by winterizing your roof today.
Winter is coming. Get prepared by winterizing your roof today.

Winterizing your roof will protect it from ice damage and make things easier for you in the long term. Repair and replacement are more expensive than prevention! For all the homeowners in Snohomish, Everett, Bellevue, and the whole Seattle area, here are some tips for keeping your roof in good shape during the winter.

Gutters, Downspouts, and Roof Areas Should All be Cleaned

Rain and snow fall on your roof and exit through your gutters if you have them.  Poor drainage is avoided by keeping gutters and downspouts clear of debris. Roof, landscaping, and siding damage can all be avoided with proper drainage. Downspouts should be directed away from the house to preserve the foundation. Draining into a splash block is a smart idea.

Furthermore, debris has a history of becoming caught in roof valleys, preventing water, snow, and ice from draining and causing damage.

Ventilate and Insulate Your Attic

Ventilating and Insulating your attic will keep your home warm and save you money on your energy bills. They can also aid in the prevention of ice jams and icicles. Consult a local roofing specialist for advice on how to improve the insulation on your roof.

Examine for Any Damage

Examine your roof before the seriously cold weather arrives. Pay careful attention to any areas where you’ve had previous repairs and double-check that all shingles are in good condition. This will help to avoid leaks and further damage.

Furthermore, debris has a way of becoming caught in roof valleys, preventing water, snow, and ice from draining, resulting in damage.

Trees Should be Trimmed

When it snows, tree branches become weighed down. Heavy branches may snap and fall onto your home’s roof. To avoid limbs landing on your house, remove and trim the branches that extend over your roof.

Look Out for Leaks

These suggestions will assist you in surviving the winter and protecting the roof over your head. If you do notice a leak, however, do not walk on the roof while it is wet. When shingles are wet, they become extremely slippery, and walking on the roof can do damage to the structure.

If you have access to the attic, it’s a good idea to set up a bucket or container to prevent further damage. If this is done, make sure the container is placed on a solid surface and that it is emptied on a regular basis, depending on the severity of the leak and how quickly it will fill the container. Once the shingles have dried, make a note of where the leak is and call a professional local roofer or inspect it yourself.

Water will flow under the shingles and onto the roof deck if you don’t spot a roof leak in time. The plywood roof deck will delaminate over time, resulting in soft patches and eventual collapse.

Are You Ready for Winter?

Make sure your roof is free of debris with proper roof maintenance. Call Four Seasons Roofing to schedule a roof cleaning estimate or to have your roof inspected.