4 Common Myths About Wind Damage on Roofs

It doesn’t take a hurricane or a tornado – wind damage can happen to any roof at any time.
It doesn’t take a hurricane or a tornado – wind damage can happen to any roof at any time.

The Seattle area isn’t prone to hurricanes, of course, but your roof may still be subjected to extreme weather from time to time, such as hail, blizzards, blistering heat, or strong winds. While wind is one of the most common causes of roof damage, there are a lot of misconceptions about this type of roof damage. Four Seasons Roofing debunks several common beliefs regarding wind damage to roofs and discusses tell-tale signs of roof-related wind damage in this article.

Myth #1:  Storms are the only time when wind damage occurs 

Not true! Wind damage can occur even on a clear day. When it does happen, it is frequently ignored due to the mistaken notion that wind damage mainly occurs during storms. Roofs that have been damaged by the wind would not be repaired until the appearance of more noticeable evidence of damage, such as leaks. Make it a habit to inspect your roof on a frequent basis, especially if you live in a windy location. Evidence of wind-lift is the emergence of horizontal creases approximately an inch below the bottom edge of the shingle above it.

Myth #2:  Asphalt shingles with adhesives are not affected by the wind

Most modern asphalt shingles are strengthened with factory-applied adhesives that, when properly cured after installation, help to resist wind lift. It can increase the resistance of a roofing system to wind damage (which is why some roofs have higher wind ratings), but it does not make any roof totally wind-proof.

Myth #3:  You can postpone repairing wind damage

Damage caused by the wind is still roof damage. As a result of the constant exposure to the weather, leaving it unrepaired will simply worsen the damage. The sooner repairs are completed, the less repairs will be necessary, so the overall repair costs will be lower. There’s no reason to put off repairs if your insurance policy covers damage caused by wind-driven incidents.

Myth #4:  If your roof is wind-damaged it has to be replaced

A wind-damaged roof should only be replaced if it is beyond repair. Wind-damaged shingles can be replaced without ripping the rest of the roof off. If your roof is wind-resistant rated, your limited roofing warranty may cover repairs if documentation is provided that the damage was caused by wind speeds less than the roof’s rating. Consult a local roofer if you’re unsure.

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