Decorating for the Holidays Without Jeopardizing Your Roof

Holiday roof decorations are beautiful, but you should know what you’re doing.
Holiday roof decorations are beautiful, but you should know what you’re doing.

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating your house, the roof is one of the most popular locations to start. While those lights and decorations may look beautiful and help you win the neighborhood decorating contest, you don’t want to harm your roof. Four Seasons Roofing has some helpful hints for mastering Christmas decorating without causing damage to your roof:

Never use staples

When you staple shingles or other components of your roof, you are creating holes and gaps in the seals that keep water out. This means that moisture will be able to seep in, which, while not enough to cause water damage, can contribute to mold and mildew growth, as well as air transfer, which can raise your heating costs during the winter.

It is better to use anchors and clips

Instead of using staples to secure Christmas lights around the corners of your roof, use plastic clips and ties. Although securing the blow-ups and seasonal displays on the roof may be tough, it is preferable to go without if necessary, rather than risk roof damage!

Don’t overload the roof with too much weight.

Before you load up your roof with a lot of displays and decorations, consider how heavy they are, and remember to account for total weight. A small piece here and there can quickly mount up to too much weight for your roof to handle, putting stress on the shingles, supports, and other roof components!

Pay close attention to the open space on your lawn.

Consider decorating the lawn instead of the roof if you don’t think your roof can sustain the displays you want, or if you’re not sure it’s a good idea to decorate the roof at all. The lawn is flat, making it easier to decorate, safer to navigate, and posing little risk to your home’s structural integrity.

Give us a call at Four Seasons Roofing if you have any concerns about how to decorate your roof for the holidays and what you should and should not do. We can help to determine the best strategy for Christmas decorating without causing damage to your roof!