Improve Roof Life with These Four Tips

You want your roof to last as long as possible. Use these four tips to extend your roof’s life.
You want your roof to last as long as possible. Use these four tips to extend your roof’s life.

Roof maintenance is an ongoing requirement for Seattle property owners. The ability of a roof system to reach its maximum life expectancy is vital. Yes, a roof system may experience leaks that must be addressed on an “as needed” basis. These types of leaks can occur as a result of a hole or tear in the roof usually caused by others or as a result of a seam popping open, which is sometimes a warranted repair if the roof is covered by a guarantee. However, aside from the occasional roof leaks that can occur on a roof system, building owners can take numerous steps to help prevent more frequent roof leaks, damage, and problems on the roof system.

Existing customers frequently hire Four Seasons Roofing on a bi-annual preventative maintenance program during the months of January/February and July/August. at Four Seasons Roofing we strive to provide the best quality service while keeping things simple.  Each owner can create their own preventative maintenance program tailored to their building’s need. However, Four Seasons Roofing offers the following four services as part of its annual preventative maintenance inspections:

  1. Roof status – Overview photos should be included in each roof maintenance inspection to show the roof’s overall condition. Understanding the condition of the roof and any problems requires a report that can act as the “eyes of the owner.”
  2. Clean up drainage areas – A key focus detail to pay attention to are drains and gutters that are clogged. Drainage areas that are not properly monitored can lead to a severe buildup of water on the roof, resulting in quick leaks and terrible ponding of water on the roof surface.
  3. Remove all debris on the roof – Other tradesmen may leave items on the roof or debris may find its way up there. This may have detrimental implications, as it may cause roof damage. Having unneeded debris on the roof, whether it blows around or wears/rusts into the roof structure, is not healthy for the building owner’s roof.
  4. Re-seal and Re-caulk if needed – Commercial grade sealants are used to complete certain components of a building’s waterproofing and roofing systems. Every roof has spots that need constant monitoring and touch-up if they crack or open up, whether it’s caulking on termination bars, pitch pans with pourable sealant, or pipe clamps that are sealed.

So overall, preventative roofing maintenance programs don’t need to be anything too complex. Simply addressing major areas of concern is preferable for having a roof system that will last many years longer than if nothing is in place. Anyone interested in learning more or setting up a yearly or bi-yearly preventative roof maintenance program can contact us at Four Seasons Roofing.