Will Santa Damage Your Roof this Christmas?

Is your roof ready for Santa’s sleigh and all those reindeer?

Is your roof ready for Santa’s sleigh and all those reindeer?

It’s not anything to laugh about! Given that we work in the roofing industry, we’ve thought a lot about the havoc Santa may cause to the rooftops in our neighborhood.

Of course, residents elsewhere have the same worry, but as professional roofers, it is our obligation to concentrate on our home turf, the rooftops of Seattle and the surrounding areas such as Snohomish, Everett, and Bellevue.

This situation can be viewed from two different perspectives. We urge every homeowner to follow suit.

Roof Visibility

First and foremost, people worry about whether Santa Claus and his sleigh will have a secure landing spot on their roof on Christmas Eve. Have you given that any thought? There are numerous traps that can be hidden on the roof covered by more than just a dusting of snow.

With snowfall expected between now and Christmas Eve, accumulated snow on the rooftop might be a problem. The question is how recently have you had your roof inspected? Rudolph is the only red nose reindeer. How much light can he actually shine onto the roof at night? Every time he makes a rooftop landing, Santa can only close his eyes and say a prayer.

Roof Structural Integrity

Santa Claus does not take his travels lightly. Your roof must be strong enough to sustain the weight of Santa, his sleigh, and nine fully grown reindeer (including Rudolph) for them to land on it securely. Do you know if your roof has the necessary structural integrity to support the required loads? In terms of weight, the sleigh weighs roughly 1200 pounds, the 9 reindeer weigh 400 pounds apiece, for a total of 3600 pounds, and Santa himself weighs about 300 pounds. This is almost 5,000 pounds, or 2.5 tons!

That’s correct! The math has been verified and is accurate. Wow!

That conclusion brings us back to the original query: Have you recently had your roof inspected? How can you be sure Santa has a secure roof to land on?

You must answer the following questions regarding the second aspect of this situation: 

  • What impact could Santa possibly have on your roof? 
  • Who do you plan to call?

These are major issues that require serious consideration. If Santa, the reindeer, and the sleigh actually do damage to your roof, who are you going to call?

Call Four Seasons Roofing

We sincerely hope that Four Seasons Roofing Company is the only response that pops into your head. All year round, we happily fix roofs! Call to schedule an inspection and roof repairs.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! May this holiday season be bright and beautiful and may all of your desires and dreams come true.