Roofing Problems to Take Care of Before Christmas

Don’t let roofing problems ruin your Christmas.

Don’t let roofing problems ruin your Christmas.

You need to prepare your Seattle home for holiday guests now especially with Christmas just on the horizon! A typical holiday routine includes decorating, baking, and gift-buying. Although few people, besides Santa, consider it in the frenzy of preparations, your roof also is an aspect of home readiness.

Homeowners stress about dealing with roofing problems at the best of times, but over the holidays it is even more stressful. If you have seen a few leaks or need to fix your roof after an early winter storm, don’t hesitate to call in expert roofers to take care of it before your visitors arrive. Here are three simple warning signals that can point to a roofing problem that has to be fixed right away…before Christmas!

Problems with Shingles

If you see a few loose or missing shingles on your home’s roof, it’s crucial to have them fixed as quickly as possible. In addition to the potential for a leak, you run the risk of having a chilly, drafty home that won’t make your visitors feel at home. Shingles that are deteriorating, dented, or torn should also be replaced.

Finding Granules in the Gutters

You should have your roofing shingles inspected if you’ve noticed granules in your gutters recently or granules on the ground close to the downspout. The granules on shingles can wear off over time, leaving the shingles vulnerable to direct sunlight. By weakening them, you run a higher danger of your roof leaking. All hosts would certainly want to avoid having water leak into their home during their holiday feast or while everyone is gathered around the tree singing carols.

Damage Caused by Water

Stains on your ceiling may be an indication that water has entered the inner structure of your home through a leak under your roof shingles. This could happen as a result of wear and tear or roof damage. However, if those stains have been present for some time and you are certain they do not present any immediate problems, bear in mind that they may still encourage the growth of mold.

Remember to contact Four Seasons Roofing if you require emergency roof repairs over the holiday season. Our Snohomish, Everett, and Bellevue roofing specialists are equipped to manage urgent roof issues and complete any repairs promptly and without leaving a mess for you to clean up. With Four Seasons Roofing, you can relax knowing that your holiday plans in Seattle will go according to schedule.

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