Material Shortages and Your Roofing Project

roof halfway done

Last year was not kind to the roof supply industry, and now we are facing the aftermath, a major supply chain disruption across the board for most construction materials. A series of factors are to blame – none more striking than a true global crisis with Covid-19. Lockdowns that essentially stopped the buying and manufacturing processes for two months had a cascading effect on the industry that continues to be an issue. In addition to raw material pinches felt in the manufacturing chain issues with transportation — trucking in particular — are also impacting how roofing contractors can stay on schedule.

Other events, like the Texas Freeze, blockage of the Suez Canal, and an ongoing trade war with China contribute to the trickle-down effect. This situation is unique to other supply shortages experienced previously. These supply issues are occurring early in the busy season, are wide spread and spell trouble for the rest of the season ahead.

With all this said, Four Seasons Roofing has been especially mindful of material supply and ordering. We do our best to communicate with our suppliers to be aware of the impending material cost increases and shortages, and then pass this communication on to our customers. We have implemented positive, if untraditional solutions to help ease the process, and typically are able to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

In this strange time for the roofing industry, it is important to understand that we want the best for our customers and are doing our best to provide the best service in the market. We thank all our current and future customers for your patience and flexibility with this perfect storm of supply chain issues. Happy to provide our customers with the best possible service while we ride out this storm!

Please contact us with any questions about how this may affect your roofing project and how we can help ease the impact!